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Introducing Live2Lead2023



October 2024, Virtual Simulcast Coming Soon!

Live2Lead is an annual leadership gathering developed by Maxwell Leadership. It has shared leadership and personal growth principles to a live audience and virtual audiences via simulcast in over 300 sites around the globe.

Attendees learn from leadership experts in various industries and leave excited and equipped with practical tools to further harness their leadership strengths.

Learn from expert leaders, gain meaningful and relevant insights to help you impact your sphere of influence, make meaningful connections virtually or in person.

Past speakers include Dr. John C. Maxwell, Dr. Eric T. Thomas, Steve Harvery, Tyler Perry, Doris Kearns Goodwin and many more. Be a part of the experience with opportunity to re-watch October 2023 simulcast available for a linited time thereafter. Register today.

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Celebrate with us on the 10th anniversary of this awesome event. Gain new insights on relevant topics designed to equip you with leadership tools you can use right away.

This year our speakers range in expertise from healthcare, education, real estate and franchises to law firms, financial services and much more!

Join us on October 6th for the live boradcast with a limited replay on demand following the event. Chat online with other attendees and much more! Save the date. Register today and get a glimpse of previous events. See you there.

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How To Become An Effective Listener

March 31st, Virtual Event

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to maintain meaningful face-to-face communication in today’s gadget-centric world? Well, you’re not alone. Many individuals lack the essential skill of truly listening to the words that others are saying.

Did you know that many top employers provide listening skills training to their staff? That’s because listening is a critical component of success. It can lead to better customer satisfaction, higher productivity, fewer mistakes, and more innovative work overall.

Being a great listener is what separates the good from the great. Without effective listening skills, messages can be misunderstood, communication can break down, and relationships can suffer. But, with this skill, you can distinguish yourself as a leader, friend, partner, or employee.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join us for our How to Become A Good Listener webinar and take your communication skills to the next level. Register now!

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During our time together we’ll be discussing what effective listening is and why it’s important. I’ll also be providing you with insight, strategies, and tips for how to go from being an okay listener to being a FANTASTIC listener.

I’ll share insights on why listening matters,
how to interpret body language, what happens when we interrupt and much more…

By following the advice I’ll be providing during this webinar, you’ll be sure to walk away with a toolbox of effective methods to use next time you sit down to have a conversation.


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Today Matters

April 7th, Virtual Event

Learn valuable daily practices proven to bring you tomorrow’s success. These principles developed by New York Times bestselling author Dr. John Maxwell, will give you insight that will help you prioritize your goals, stretch your creativity and thinking and manage your money. This 1-hour free introductory workshop will bring you one step closer to living a fuller and more productive life. Register today.

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We will briefly explore the daily dozen, 12 daily practices guaranteed to bring you success. Today can become your masterpiece. Gain first hand insight into how to become a valuable member of your team as you nurture your growth. Expand your capabilities and your potential to build the life you have always wanted. 


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Today Matters Mastermind

April 28th, Virtual Event

In this 6-week Mastermind we will be discussing the book Today Matters by John Maxwell. Interact with like-minded people as we delve deeper into the “how” of the 12 priorities you should embrace as your “daily dozen”. Don’t let another day pass without beginning your journey into unlocking the keys that make a difference one day at a time.

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Learning how to live productive highly successful lives every day is a vital element in carving our masterpiece for success. Bestselling author Dr. John Maxwell, through his signature book on the keys to building a better tomorrow for you and family, shares 12 proven daily habits that are essential to achieving optimal personal growth.

Our value to others greatly increse with our ability to manage our time, treasure and talent. All we have is TODAY. It MATTERS how we prioritize, think, commit, relate and grow each day.

Join us in  a collaborative round table format for our six-week session. We will meet once per week to learn and share strategies from the “daily dozen” that include the following:

  • Today’s Attitude Gives me Possibilities
  • Today’s Health Gives Me Strength
  • Today’s Thinking Gives Me an Advantage
  • Today’s Finances Gives Me Options and so much more…

These vital habitsl are useful in every situation whether professional or personal. Make the investment in yourself and join us for the next six weeks!

Registration begins April 8th






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Nurture your personal growth to become an invaluable asset to your team or organization.